2=3 Babblarna glow-in-the-dark Cuddlings

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A Babblarna Cuddling is a small friend that comfort children when in need of support. It’s so much more than a bandaid, it’s for all the wounds you can’t see. It’s made of a textile bandaid with a soft plush surface to cuddle with.

The glow-in-the-dark version has a small heart on the belly that glows when the light is switched off. It’s the perfect support for both children and parents during the bedtime procedure. The biggest fear in children is the fear of darkness and the biggest problems for parents is to put the kids to sleep. A small friend that glows in the dark supports and comfort the little ones, and can be used as an encouragement and will easy the process.

Every Cuddling has a soft, furry surface that you can pet and the boxes come as different characters. In the box you find 7 of the popular Babblarna characters with sleepy faces and a glowing heart.